Patient and Family Assistance

Gentiva Hospice Foundation provides assistance to our Odyssey and Gentiva patients and families based on requests from the hospice team caring for a patient and his/her family. Once the needs are identified, they are qualified by a Foundation team member to ensure they meet the guidelines of the Foundation mission. The Foundation works to stretch donor dollars by encouraging hospice team members to work with sources within their local community to partner for assistance. Examples of patient and family assistance grants are:

  • Rent or Emergency Repairs
    This need may include paying rent for the patient and/or their caregiver, a deposit on living quarters, help with moving costs from a care facility, fixing a leaking roof or buying a new water heater.
  • Utility Bills
    This need may include help with paying utility bills, a phone bill or purchasing a phone card to help the patient reach family and friends.
  • Food Assistance
    Food assistance is provided in areas where food pantries are not available, patients may not qualify for food stamps or they may have food assistance, but cannot eat the food or obtain nutritional supplements.
  • Comfort Care
    A patient may need personal care items or clothing as they lose weight, a safety bar for the shower or a wig. Comfort care may also include buying or renting movies, a radio to listen to music, books or games.
  • Miscellaneous Assistance
    There are many other opportunities to meet patient and family needs that are granted by the Foundation.